Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, (SSDI) requires that you submit considerable documentation regarding your identity, medical conditions, and employment history.

Forms and Documents for Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will be asking you for proof of your identity including your Social Security Number and birth certificate, medical records including doctor visits and test results, as well as your work history including W2 forms and a copy of your Social Security statement.

If you want to apply for SSDI, you don't want to be missing anything that could cause a delay or even worse, having your application for disability benefits rejected. You can appeal your case if your claim is rejected by the SSA, but it can be a lengthy process. So as much as possible, you want to have your initial claim for SSDI to be approved.

When you have an SSDI lawyer assisting with your claim, your odds of success can be significantly increased. A Social Security disability benefits attorney will be familiar with the many reasons the SSA will turn down your claim even if you are qualified.

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