Car Accident Checklist: Getting you through the reports and getting back on the road!

What to do first after a car accident

Calling police

A complete guide to getting back on the road with a Car Accident Checklist!

Are you somewhere safe after your accident?

Does anyone require medical attention from the auto accident? Is the vehicle out of the flow of traffic? Do you have an injury? Is the vehicle drivable? The most important thing to do right after an accident is to make sure that you do not cause any farther damage to your vehicle and keep injuries from occurring or getting worse.Get more car accident resources here

This may mean that you require to call your local emergency service, police, or a tow company if possible.

Assist those involved if you are able to until the professionals arrive to help. If there is spilled fuel move away from the scene of the accident in case of fire. Your safety is the most important thing to keep in mind after being involved in a crash.

Are you calm?

You have just been through a traumatic event and accidents are scary. As difficult as it is, focus on keeping calm. Adrenaline will be pumping and this can make a major injury seem less severe. It is important at this time to pay attention to your body.

Should any part of your body feel off, let the medical staff/first responders know this so they can further exam you and provide the necessary medical treatment for your injury.

If you find that you are not injured, you maybe be able to help others who are. If you are calm that will help law enforcement better be able to understand when you call to request help, give directions to your location for the tow company, and better be able to document it.

Do you know how to call someone?

Getting contact information from all involved is critical! You will need the contact information for all drivers, passengers, and witnesses to the crash. This could lead to a search for individuals later if you don’t get the contact information, especially if you need to turn this information over to your lawyers. It can also be helpful to have the make, model, and license plate number of all the cars involved in the car accident.

If the police are called they will give you a way to reach out to them in the future about your car accident case. Usually, they will provide you with a card that has your case number and whom to contact.

If you are able to make a note of the other driver’s tow company, the names of the officers assisting you, and any other information that may seem important.Get more car accident resources here

Does your phone have a camera to help gather information?

Then use it! Take photos of everything! Insurance claims will be easier if you have photos of the damage. If you need to go to court your lawyers will be glad to have the photos. Document the damage as thoroughly as possible! Even minor damage should be documented.

Car damage is not the only thing to document! Photos of the scene of the crash, the other cars involved, even the weather conditions can all be things that are handy to have later when making a case.

Assuming you are not injured and are able to, make notes of the layout of the scene of the accident or accidents. You will never know what exactly will be needed or how things will play out in the future. If you are writing or drawing things, take photos of them with your personal phone so they have a verifiable time and date on them. The more documentation you have of the car accident or accidents the better! The more evidence you can provide on the legal end for your lawyers the better! It will also help with insurance after getting into accidents!Get more car accident resources here

Did you call the police?

Most insurance companies are going to want a police report of the car accident when you file a claim. Even if there are no injuries it is still necessary to call the police and get a report done for insurance. Do not let the other driver talk you out of calling, especially if they are at fault. If you are able now is also a good time to call a lawyer.

This could be seen as a reason to not follow through, or in some cases even as breaking the law. Calling law enforcement and getting that report is one of the ways your insurance will ensure that you are not trying to commit insurance fraud and get you on the road after your auto accident or accidents. It can also help speed up the time it takes to process the claim.

Have you filed a claim after your car accident?

The next step is to file your insurance claim with the provider.

Most companies have apps or online ways to file claims after an auto accident or accidents. If you require assistance you may always reach out to your insurance company directly or speak to a lawyer. Supply the company with all of your documentation, police report, and the contact details and they will be able to help you process your claim.

It is important to have an insurance agent you can trust to help you through this process of getting back on the road and on with life.

Being in a car accident is scary! Finding the right information in a helpful checklist after being in a crash can make getting back on the road easier.

No matter, if you are looking for legal advice on how to get a settlement, insurance claims, the best way to find personal injury attorney, or what personal details you require from the science of a crash we have the resources for you! If you find yourself in a crash, get back behind the wheel of your vehicle with ease! Get more car accident resources here

Your life back on the road in a flash!