One of the scariest things you can experience is a car wreck.Even a minor car accident can leave you feeling sore and shaken up for days or even months afterward. Once you get past the initial accident it can be difficult to understand what needs to happen to process the wreck, heal your body, and get your car back on the road.

While not every recovery journey will be the same, not every car accident is the same, we do have some tips and advice on how to make this process as easy as possible. And for a list of what to do immediately following an accident check out more information here

Physical Healing

Chances are if you have sustained a major injury in a wreck you have received emergency medical care. Your medical care provider will offer guidelines on how to move forward with treatment. Depending on the severity of your wreck you may have to undergo surgery which will come with its own set of healing processes.

Following doctor recommendations is critical to getting back on your feet.While it may seem tedious, it is necessary to follow the proper medical advice. This means taking all medications as directed, completing therapies, and restricting activity as directed.

Part of the recovery process may be participating in physical therapy. Physical therapy is the treatment of injuries and illness without medications or surgery. This would be through the use of things like heat, massage therapy, and exercises to strengthen the injured area. Going through physical therapy can not help an injury heal it can prevent it from being re-injured in the future. Following the instructions from your physical therapist is crucial!

Healing without the need for medical interventions

If you are lucky enough to have survived without the need to seek medical intervention you may still need to take some care to help your body heal. It is still a traumatic event that will most likely leave you sore and bruised.

One of the ways you can help your body heal is through the use of heat and ice to reduce swelling and help with soreness. This can be in the form of heat or ice packs, a hot bath or shower, or in a sauna or cryo-chamber. This can offer some quick relief in the early hours following a wreck.

Massage therapy can be extremely useful if you have muscle soreness or stiffness. It is important to disclose that you have recently been in a car wreck so that the therapist can work with your injuries and not make anything worse. Different techniques can be used and it is best to discuss your problem areas with your massage therapist ahead of time. They will be able to help you decide on the type of massage you need.

OTC medicine or over the counter medicine can be helpful if you are experiencing mild pain related to your injuries. Carefully read the packaging or speak with the pharmacist to pick out the best fit for your needs. However, if your injuries are not getting better relatively quickly it might be time to seek out medical intervention.

Mental Healing

Something a lot of people do not take into consideration is the fact that being in a car wreck is a major trauma. Even in a minor crash can have lasting effects upon your mental health. For a split-second, you are unaware of the amount of damage or physical injury you are about to receive if your body tries to prepare you for that mentally. After a very severe car wreck, it's not uncommon to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or more commonly known as PTSD.

Developing fears and phobias related to riding in a vehicle or driving a vehicle after an accident is not uncommon. It is important to allow yourself to acknowledge the fear so you can eventually process it. Most societies require the use of a car in some form or fashion to function in most day-to-day activities. A fear-based response is completely natural such as; I'm never riding in a car again, it's not always practical.

You've been in a car wreck, how do you process that trauma? Choosing to move forward, seek help, and work on reclaiming your life is a brave but necessary step. one of the best ways to overcome any trauma is to speak with a licensed mental health professional.

Therapy and Counseling

There are many different choices available when seeking assistance regarding you are mental health. In-person therapy, phone sessions, video chat, and texting options have all made getting help with your mental health easier and more accessible than ever. The majority of mental health professionals also offer sliding-scale payment options making it extremely affordable.

If you are having difficulties processing the trauma of an accident it may be time to find someone to help you work through that. A therapist can offer support as well as practical solutions for overcoming mental health struggles associated with a car wreck.

Finding a mental health professional is not difficult. Doing a little research will give you insight into the various methods that counseling and therapy can be provided through. This will provide a starting point to narrow down the options that you prefer. Inquiring as to the specialty of the therapist may also illuminate if they will be a good fit for you and the particular issue you're working through. Finding the right person may take some time but your mental health is worth it.

Finding the right team of medical professionals to help you on your journey of healing after you have been hurt in a car crash is key to having a successful recovery. Reaching out for help to establish your life after a traumatic event can be one of the factors to shorten your recovery time.

Moving Forward

Health goals should be attainable and in line with what your medical professionals agree is a realistic expectation of what you can achieve.

Wellness objections can be achieved with the help of a mental health team working to process and overcome the trauma that comes from a life-threatening incident.

Aftermath coming off of a car accident can mean dealing with vehicle repair or shopping for a new car.

What to do now

One of the biggest things that comes with getting into a car wreck is the expenses that come with. How do you cover all the unforeseen costs you can incur even if the accident is not your fault.

Repair bills, doctor bills, missing work, loss of income, and other unforeseen costs can add up very quickly. How are you going to cover all of those unexpected costs?

Depending on the policy you have your insurance may cover some of the cost. Or if you are the victim the other driver may be required to cover your expenses. Otherwise, the cost of the repairs and medical bills may have to come out of your pocket.

Get your bills paid!

If you have been hurt in an accident you may be deserving of a settlement to cover your expenses. Speaking to a lawyer can help you understand what you deserve and what to expect in the process to get your compensation.


Seeking the help of a lawyer should be done as soon as possible after the accident. They can help you understand what you need to do and if you will be able to get help with your accident expenses. While there are many great resources online none of them can replace talking to an actual licensed attorney.

Finding an attorney can be very easy. Look for an attorney who specializes in car accident cases or injury cases. A great attorney will help you get back on your way and moving on with your life.

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