Technical Details

Technical denials are non-medical in nature, often involving past employment or earnings. An applicant for SSDI had to have worked in order to receive benefits because SSDI is a federal disability insurance program.

In these cases, the applicant may not have worked enough, or not have worked recently enough to qualify for benefits.

Every year a certain amount of work credits need to be earned, these are income increments and need to total 4 work credits. In 2022, one work credit is $1510 in income earned. Generally, the older a worker is, the more work credits that need to have been acquired.

Additionally, the work credits have to have been acquired within 5 of the last 10 years prior to the onset of the disability so lack of recent enough work could also result in a technical denial.

An SSDI claim can also receive a technical denial if you continue to work after the onset of the disability occurs and you earn too much.

Medical Denials

The SSA can deny your claim for medical reasons if you don’t meet the definition of having a disability according to their standards. The SSA could determine that your disability isn’t severe enough to constitute a full disability. The SSA doesn’t grant SSDI claims for partial disabilities.

To qualify for disability benefits your disability has to have lasted for a full year or be considered to last for a full year.

It may be that your condition is not recognized as a disability by the SSA. The SSA has a list of conditions that qualify as disabilities, this is known as the Blue Book.

If your condition isn’t found in the Blue Book, it is still possible to have your disability claim approved, but you would have to demonstrate to the SSA how your condition keeps you from performing your job, or any other job that you may be qualified to do.

The SSA can also deny your claim if you refuse to cooperate with their requests for medical information or fail to show up for meetings with an SSA interview or visit one of their doctors. If you refuse to follow the advice or instructions from your doctor or one of the SSA’s doctors you can also be denied disability benefits.